[Almost] Streaking through Fenway

Undie Run 1This is me!  I’m clearly kind of crazy because I’m outside in Fenway Park without a hat.  And it’s snowing.

It gets crazier.  I’m not wearing a shirt.  Or pants.

This weekend, my friend Phoebe and I ran a mile in our underwear with Cupid’s Undie Run to raise money for Children’s Tumor Foundation and fight NF (neurofibramatosis).  It was probably the best time I’ve ever had running for charity and definitely the best time I’ve had in Fenway Park.  Between the two of us, we raised $530!  That’s a lot of wonderful people in our lives that were able to donate to a wonderful cause.

Undie Run 2That’s Phoebe and I as we took our first lap into the bleachers.

Undie Run 3That’s us and our new friend Katchi (pronounced like the cereal, but “cha”).

If you lovely people want more information on the run that Phoebe and I are DEFINITELY DOING NEXT YEAR, you should check out http://www.cupidsundierun.com.  They have runs in so many cities across the US, and even one in Australia!  Don’t see yours listed and want to have one in your city?  Contact them–they’re always looking for new cities to add to this hilarious event!  You can explore #ImWithCupid for other photos of event in other cities, too!

Together, we can find a cure for NF.